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Dear Friends,

Last year on Purim we read the Megilat Esther in our shelter. We already knew about the corona but had no idea how far it would go and where we were headed. Since then we have been meeting on zoom: we study, pray and celebrate together on Saturdays and holidays. This year we will read the Book of Esther on Zoom.

Here are our plans for celebrating the upcoming Purim holiday:

Reading the Megilat Esther
On Thursday 14 Adar 25.2.21 at 18:30 we will read the Book of Esther and sing Purim songs in the best of our annual tradition. Zoom:

All congregation members are asked to search for the Book of Esther on the Internet in a language convenient to you.

Here is a good one in Hebrew and English:
It will be possible to receive the Book of Esther in Hebrew, English and Spanish on one day of the week before Purim, at the shelter.

Feel free to dress up, and please invite all children and  grandchildren to dress up and participate with us so we can hold a costume carnival like every year.

A special community game for Purim after the reading of the Megillah

Please send Sue Chertock on WhatsApp: 052-2978677 or email:
a picture of you from childhood and write to Sue who appears in the picture. We'll make a guessing game in the style of “The Masked Singer”!! The game will involve trying to identify other congregation members based on childhood photos.

Exchanges of “Mishloach Manot” (Special Purim

Gift Packages) between congregation members

It is a tradition on Purim to exchange special gift baskets, containing food or drinks. This year we are using this tradition as a way of renewing the thing we miss most—a personal connection between congregation members. We will carry out a project of sending modest packages among the members of the community.

Community members will prepare parcels for members of the congregation and will receive parcels from members of the congregation. We will add to the deliveries a beautiful greeting from Congregation Emet V’shalom. We have several friends who have volunteered to collect and deliver the parcel deliveries to homes.

Anyone who wants to participate in the parcel delivery project (preparing and receiving) please register with Rabbi Ariela on WhatsApp: 054-2165110 or by email:

Or with Vicky on WhatsApp: 054-7992794 or by email:

We will make a list of everyone who wants to receive and give Purim gift baskets. And we will make sure that they come to pick up the shipment from you and also to bring you your shipment.
Please register soon so we can get organized on time.
Write down your name, address, phone.

With wishes for a Happy Purim,
The Purim team: Vicky, Judith Lahav, Sue, Bonnie and Rabbi Ariella